Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

Learning for Life Programme (Visual Arts)

SAPS builds on our Lasallian ethos and philosophy to offer a Learning for Life Programme (LLP) in Visual Arts. We seek to foster in our students the desire to learn about artistic forms and methods, grow an appreciation of art and serve the community with their talents. 
Learning to appreciate and create art

The Tier 1 programme is incorporated in the school’s Visual Arts (VA) curriculum for all students. As an enhancement to the curriculum, students learn specialised art forms through Digital Art and Ceramics modules from P1 to P6, which strengthen students’ skills progressively.

Digital Art Programme

The Digital Art programme leverages the use of technology to reinforce core art concepts and skills in school, and teaches Anthonians how to use digital information responsibly. Over their six years in SAPS, Anthonians explore a range of digital art tools to create static and animated art pieces.

image11.jpgA P1 student using shapes to create a drawing of an animal
image13.jpgAt P2: Exploring the use of typography 
image12.jpgP3: Using Picasso head and shapes to create a human figure
image15.png P4 digital art work using Pixel art: No More Tears, Corona, 2020 (featured at the Think! Contemporary Exhibition 2020)
image14.jpgP5 students working on their paper cutouts digital animation
image17.jpgP6 students working on their claymation 
Ceramics Programme

In this programme, students learn and practise forming processes with clay using a variety of techniques. The process of getting their hands ‘dirty’ eventually results in unique works of beauty. Ceramics is a much-loved aspect of the VA programme and our Anthonians’ ceramic art is prominently displayed around the school. 

image16.jpgAnimal containers created by P1 Anthonians 
image21.jpgP2 students glazing their ceramic artwork 
image19.jpgP3 students glazing their ceramics artwork 
image24.jpgA part of an interactive art piece created by P4 students, for this year’s Think! Contemporary digital exhibition
image22.jpgSurrealism-inspired ceramic artwork done by P5 students
image23.jpgP6: Nature-inspired ceramic artwork
Think! Contemporary

Think! Contemporary is a multi-visit, museum-based school programme for our P4 cohort. It integrates the school’s VA curriculum with museum visits and uses artwork from the Singapore Art Museum’s (SAM) permanent collection as primary resources for art lessons to provide an authentic experience in the appreciation and creation of art. 

image25.pngPre-COVID, selected students were trained as art ambassadors for the opening night to represent their level for their collaborative artwork.
image26.jpgOur art ambassadors at work, sharing about the inspiration and process that led to the final product. Students’ works of different media, themes and inspirations are showcased in the exhibition.
image27.jpgStudents watching an artwork in the form of film from the Cinerama art exhibition.
image28.jpgStudents watching a stop motion made from beads and buttons and as well as the music video, Zsa Zsa Zsu. 
image29.jpgStudents studying the details of the artwork, Maze Out.
image30.jpgStudents working on museum- based worksheets.
Deepening interest, appreciation and aptitude

Students who have greater interest or aptitude in VA are encouraged to participate in our Tier 2 programmes to deepen their interest, broaden their horizons and hone their talents. 

CCAs: Junior & Senior Art Club

The school offers CCAs for students with a keen interest in VA. The Junior Art Club caters to P1-P3 students, while the Senior Art Club comprises P4-P6 students. While the focus is on ceramics, Art Club members also get to explore varied techniques, forms and mediums to express their creativity.

Junior Art Club members working on their ceramic figurines

Senior Art Club students glazing their ceramic artwork
School-based Art Elective Programme

The school’s own AEP was piloted for P2 in 2008 and has since expanded to include P2 to P6 Anthonians. Students enjoy opportunities to explore different art mediums through specialised modules, such as printmaking, still-life drawing, observational drawing and papier-mâché.

Artwork done by P2 AEP students
3D artwork: Creating a keyboard for a laptop 
Being a blessing to the community

Arts Reach is the school’s outreach to the community through the arts.  In line with our Lasallian values of Faith, Service and Community, Arts Reach gives Anthonians opportunities to use the skills they learn in the school’s VA programmes to bless those in the wider community. 

Visiting residents at care centres

Students visit elderly residents at Hong Kah North Day Care Centre and St. Luke’s ElderCare Centre to guide them through art activities and give them artwork made by Anthonians. 

Anthonians teaching the seniors craftwork in the Senior Centres. 
When students were unable to visit the centres last year due to COVID-19, they made crafts for the seniors which were brought to the centres by our teachers.
For it is in giving that we receive. 
  - St. Francis of Assisi 
Hosting art classes for seniors 

SAPS supports Family Central’s Intergenerational Learning Programme (ILP), which encourages seniors to sign up for courses. SAPS conducts Ceramics workshops for interested seniors, with Senior Art Club members guiding them through the process. The experience also provides rich opportunities for Anthonians to interact with and learn from the seniors, and reinforces the idea that learning is a joyful and lifelong process.

Anthonians guiding participants with the glazing of their ceramic artwork

PAssionArts is a community arts initiative that makes arts and culture more accessible to all. Our Visual Arts and Performing Arts CCAs enjoy showcasing their artwork and performances to the community, in partnership with Hong Kah North CC.