Applied Learning Programme

CODE@SAPS is a customised coding curriculum, specially designed for Primary 3 to Primary 5 Anthonians, to equip them with the fundamentals of computational thinking, inventive thinking and critical thinking skills. 

The programme provides opportunities for students to acquire 21st Century Competencies and experience the joy of learning for life beyond academic pursuits to become confident persons, self-directed learners, active contributors and concerned citizens.   

Key Programmes

Coding Curriculum 
Primary 3 students learn basic programming concepts through the use of colour codes and visual programming with an Ozobot. They apply the codes learnt by programming the movements of the Ozobot to solve puzzles, navigate mazes and develop debugging skills (identifying and rectifying errors through logical thinking).

Primary 4 and 5 students learn block coding with a Micro:bit, which is a pocket-sized, codeable computer. They apply the codes learnt by devising coding-based solutions to a given problem. This project helps students to consolidate their learning of the various coding skills and apply them to a real-life situation. Some examples of projects include: 
  • creating a prototype using micro:bit to alert the residents and cleaners of stagnant water accumulating; and
  • creating a fall detection alarm system with micro:bit to inform caregivers when seniors injure themselves at home. 
Primary 4 and Primary 5 Coding Programme

Primary 5 Anthonians felt proud upon completion of a project with micro:bit

Primary 5 Anthonians were in the process of completing the codes for their project

image2.jpgPrimary 5 Anthonians created an air guitar with micro:bit as light sensor

Primary 5 Anthonians using the step tracker that they created with micro:bit

image4.jpgPrimary 5 Anthonians used the micro:bit and a moisture sensor to detect presence of water in their project set-up

Primary 4 Anthonians preparing to design the prototype of a game created with micro:bit

Primary 4 Anthonians completed a marble maze game and used a micro:bit keep tab on the scores

Primary 4 Anthonians playing with the cardboard table football and the micro:bit recorded the scores

image8.jpgPrimary 4 and Primary 5 Anthonians proudly displaying their micro:bit projects on CODE@SAPS Day

Anthonians from all levels get to try out the games created using micro:bits 
Primary 3 Coding Programme

Primary 3 Anthonians exploring Ozobot and OzoBlockly

Primary 3 Anthonians exploring Ozobot and OzoBlockly

Primary 3 Anthonians trying out the Ozobot after loading the codes in OzoBlockly

Maker@SAPS was implemented as an avenue for students to come together and solve problems through free play. These making and tinkering practices encourage creative thinking amongst students as they construct, deconstruct, design, fix, create and refine solutions to various problems presented to them. Maker@SAPS is now incorporated into CCAs to encourage students to think out of the box to creatively solve problems.