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Parents Support Group

PSG Mission

To provide support for school programmes by forging collaborative partnerships between parents, teachers, and the community.

Objectives of PSG:

  • To forge a strong partnership between the school and parents
  • To assist and provide support for school programmes and activities
  • To serve as a communication link between the school and parents

PSG Executive Committee

Chairperson: Mdm Alice Lim
Secretary: Mdm Yammie Yam
Treasurer: Mdm Geraldine Koon
The school believes in fostering strong partnerships with homes. Parents of our Anthonians are invited to participate in and contribute to a range of programmes and activities based on their areas of interest and/or expertise.  

Our PSG members render their support to Anthonians through their participation in the KidsRead and Reading Mum programmes. They also contribute to the school’s key events (e.g., Patron’s Day, Teachers’ Day, Children’s Day and the celebration of festivals), our Catholic Education Programme and post-PSLE activities for P6 Anthonians.  
Join us as a PSG member!

As part of the PSG’s efforts to strengthen engagement with parents, we encourage parents who are not in the PSG to join us. The PSG supports school programmes and events to improve our children’s well-being and learning. As a PSG member, you will be helping to make the school a more vibrant and caring place for our children to learn, live and grow in.

If you are keen to be part of the PSG, please indicate your interest here, and we will get in touch with you. 
If you have any enquiries, please write to our SSD, Mdm Lau Kai Yen (Lau_kai_yen@moe.edu.sg), or the PSG EXCO (sapspsg@gmail.com).