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Render with Joy to your mater her due..."

The school is initiating the formation our very own Anthonian Alumni. Anthonians of all ages from St Anthony's Boys' School and St Anthony's Primary School are invited and welcomed to be part of the Alumni to continue to be connected to that special time in our lives spent in St Anthony's.  

Being part of the official alumni will allow you to reunite, catch up and network with old friends and teachers, as well as to take part in various alumni activities. It will also allow you to register your child under Phase 2A1 instead of 2A2 for former students of the school!

Please note: Parents must be members of the Alumni before 30th June 2020 to qualify for Phase 2A1 (2021 exercise) and before 30th June 2021 to qualify for Phase 2A1 (2022 exercise)

Membership with St Anthony’s Primary School Alumni

Ordinary/Life Membership

Former students of St Anthony’s Boys School (SABS) or St Anthony’s Primary School (SAPS) who have studied there for at least a year are eligible for Ordinary/Life Membership. The alumni would like to inform members that the annual subscription fee for is now $50 for a lifetime membership (with effect from August 2017).

Junior Membership

Old Boys now in secondary schools, centralized institutes, polytechnics and junior colleges are not eligible for Ordinary Membership. Instead, they are eligible for Junior Membership. Junior members do not have any voting rights. A one-time membership fee of $10 is applicable. The Junior Membership is valid up until the age of 21 years.

Rights and Duties of Junior Members

Junior Members shall be entitled to the benefits and privileges of Ordinary Members, except that they shall not be qualified to be officers of the Alumni or members of the Executive Committee, or to vote, or to move and second resolutions at General Meetings of members.

All members must strictly observe the regulations of the Alumni and abide by the decisions of the Executive Committee and General Meetings. Members shall pay all dues of the Alumni as laid out in the Constitution.

To register, please fill in the relevant forms (Ordinary Membership or Junior Membership) with a cheque made out to “Anthonian Alumni” and send by it by post to us at St Anthony's Primary School, 30 Bukit Batok Street 32 Singapore 659401. Please also state on the back of the cheque "Alumni Membership".

You may also wish to email the form and come to the school to pay in cash.

 The forms can be downloaded from the link below.

Anthonian Alumni Registration 
Anthonian Alumni Registration 

Please contact AnthonianAlumni2016@gmail.com for more details.

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