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The Curriculum at St Anthony's Primary School

The Anthonian curriculum is a holistic and pupil-centered one, focused on the teaching of metacognitive skills and values. The curriculum is designed to provide opportunities for differentiation, integration, reflection and feedback. Experiences beyond the class and ICT will be integrated where relevant. In class, lessons are delivered through appropriate strategies, aligned to the curriculum emphasis and takes place within a safe, caring & orderly environment.

Anthonian Pupil Outcomes

Caring Hearts: Anthonian have strength of character

1.1 They care for self & for others
1.2 They serve the community
1.3 They lead others
1.4 They know and love Singapore
1.5 They care for the environment

Inquiring Minds: Anthonians are lifelong learners & critical thinkers

2.1 They are diligent & capable performers 
2.2 They are independent learners
2.3 They are innovative

Passionate Learners: Anthonians pursue a healthy lifestyle

3.1 They do well in the arts & sports
3.2 They adopt a healthy lifestyle

Key programmes

Caring Hearts: Anthonian have strength of character

  • Living Well Programme: This is a customised values education programme for P1-6 pupils. It comprises the generic programme for all Anthonians as well as monthly activities tailored more specifically for Catholics.
  • Community Involvement Programme (CIP): This aims to inculcate in pupils the school values of integrity, respect and compassion through service to the school and the wider community.  The focus of CIP in St Anthony’s Primary is centered on helping the ‘the last, lost and least’ and activities in creating a sustainable environment.
  • Anthonian Matters: A school suggestion scheme launched in 2010, aims to provide pupils with opportunities to value add to the school community; to involve them in decision making processes and to develop in them a sense of pride, belonging and ownership to school. Anthonians make suggestions via the forms available in the classrooms or online platforms. The suggestions are collated termly, evaluated and then shared with the staff and Anthonians.
  • The School Integrated Project Work. The purpose is to nurture in pupils the interest in & skills to conduct inquiries. The key competence areas are the ability to apply knowledge, to communicate effectively, to collaborate with others, to problem solve and to learn independently. Each level undertakes projects eg
    • P1: Mother’s Day project
    • P2: National Identity Box
    • P3: Cookie Project
    • P4: Sports & Games Day
    • P5: Junk!
    • P6: What makes a Hero?
  • Anthonian Leadership Programme: Leadership competencies are developed in Prefects, CCA Leaders and Class Monitors through their participation in training programmes eg Camp LaSalle and the provision of opportunities to demonstrate acquired skills, eg organizing concerts and camps
  • Family Matters @School aims to enhance the quality of family life of parents and students by making family life education resources easily available to schools through the provision of programmes and the setting up of a family resource area.  Programmes and activities are conducted to equip parents with skills and knowledge to enrich and strengthen their family life, and foster better parent-child understanding and relationship.  For students, these programmes are to equip them with life skills; skills to build healthy relationships with their peers and family; positive values and attitudes towards family, relationships and life in general.
  • For more information on upcoming events, please visit the school’s website and Anthonian Updates online. For parents who would like more information about FamilyMatters @ School’s programme, please email Fajaria MF at fms.anthonian@gmail.com
  • Environmental Education programme
  • Other programmes, eg counselling and booster programmes

Inquiring Minds: Anthonians are lifelong learners & critical thinkers

  •  Academic programmes eg Reading programmes, Mathematics Olympiad
  • Learning Journeys: These are organised termly for every level to provide opportunities for learning experientially and in a non-classroom setting.
  • Competitions: School-based competitions are organised for all levels. In addition, pupils are encouraged to sign up for external competitions organised by institutions eg SPH
  • SCALE (Student Collaboration for Active Learning and Engagement) programme: This programme was trialed in 2011 with two Primary 5 classes and in 2012 with identified P5 and P6 classes. The programme focuses on student engagement in learning and provides them with greater involvement in their own learning via ICT tools and platforms. Other ICT programmes include the adoption of MOE 10C, 10T and 10M programmes for the integration of ICT into the Chinese, Tamil and Malay language learning programmes respectively
  • Holistic Assessment: The school is one of 16 selected by MOE to prototype the use of Holistic Assessment in the curriculum. The aim is to focus on using smaller bite-sized assessment and a varity of instruments to give better feedback on the learning progress of each child. This will reduce the stress of having major exams particularly in the early years of Primary education and also help Anthonians better understand what they are learning
  • Reading Programmes: To create a reading culture in the school and to inculcate an interest in reading. Examples of programme include the Buddy Reading and Extensive Reading programmes; Sustained Silent  Reading during assemblies & the first 10 min of EL lesson; Library programmes eg the Class Library Programme  & the Monthly Library Activities
  • Workshops & Briefing for parents

Through our collaboration with partners like Keppel Club and MSD International GmbH (Singapore Branch), we have benefitted greatly:

  • MSD has been most generous and funded additional science facilities eg Solar-powered Science Pond & Science Garden in 2010, and the Urban Learning Garden in 2011, and the Wetlands model in 2012.
  • The school collaborated with Keppel Club in the planning of its ‘Green Week 2011’, held in conjunction with the 2011 Singapore International Water Week. It also hosted a Science Camp on the club premises and made a presentation to invited guests as part of their activities for Green Week 2011. The school also participated in Green Week 2012. 

Passionate Learners: Anthonians pursue a healthy lifestyle

  • ArtsReach programme: This Arts integrated programme leverages on the art talent of pupils to impact the community, eg the proceeds of sales of art items created by pupils will be donated to organisations like Hong Kah North Day Care Centre and the New Horizon Centre.
  • A.R.T.S  (Aspiring Realising TalentS):  At the end of Primary 1, pupils talented in art are offered an opportunity to participate in a programme to further develop their artisitic skills. Primary 2 pupils talented in visual arts are identified in Term 1 to attend an elective programme outside curriculum time. The pupils will continue with the programme in P3-4. At the end of P4, they will join the Arts@W4 programme that the school runs for the school in its cluster. The focus of the programme is drawing (P2), ceramics (P3), print-making (P4).
  • Arts@W4 programme: This programme is coordinated by the school for the talented art pupils in the W4 cluster of schools. Participants receive lessons from NAFA instructors and put up an art exhibition at the end of the two year programme.
  • PE Games-based curriculum: Pupils are taught different games at different levels, eg badminton is taught at P1 -3 while Tchoukball is taught at P4. All pupils also learn taekwando at P1 & P2.
  • Fun and Fitness Programme
  • Fitness Challenge (P4-6). This annual event encourages mass participation in fitness activities, fosters team work amongst classmates and encourages pupils to challenge each other and aim for high standards in fitness. This prepares pupils for the yearly NAPFA test.
  • Healthy Eating in School programme: The programme ensures that healthy, balanced set meals are sold in the canteen. These delicious, healthier and affordable set meals are specially designed by nutritionists, chefs and school canteen vendors to ensure a well balanced and nutritious diet.  Each meal comes with good mix of food from the 4 different food groups of the Healthy Diet Pyramid – rice and alternatives; fruit; vegetables as well as meat and alternatives.  Every day, each canteen stall will prepare at least two types of set meals for the children to choose from and they will have between 10-12 meals to choose from the entire canteen.  To add further variety to the children’s diet, the menu will be changed daily. The prices of small meals is $1, medium meals are $1.40 while large meals are $1.80.
  • Co-curricular (CCA) Programme: As Lasallian education focuses on the development of the whole person and not just the academics, co-curricular activities (CCAs) are a critical component in the curriculum provided by St Anthony’s Primary. Much thought has gone into identification of a range of CCAs for Anthonians to choose from. However, what they all have in common is that every CCA offered allows opportunities and different contexts for pupils to learn to work with one another, and act responsibly with integrity, respect and compassion. Through these CCAs, we also hope to discover the talents of our Anthonians and help them develop their potential in specific areas.

CCAs are available in one of these four categories – Performing Arts, Clubs & Societies, Sports & Games & Uniformed Groups:

  • Performing Arts: Brass Band, Chinese Dance. Choir, Contemporary Dance
  • Clubs & Society: English Club, Infocomm Club (Media & Robotics), Science & Environmental Education, St. Vincent De Paul, Visual Arts
  • Sports & Games: Badminton, Sports Club, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tchoukball, Track & Field
  • Uniform Groups: Brownies, Scouts