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1st Executive Committee

President - Anthony Chan

President Anthony - Chan

Anthony graduated in 1978, which was also the last year when MOE made changes to the Primary education system.

Anthony is married with two children and works from home to spend more time with his kids and family.

Vice President – Mo Kang Ho

Vice President – Mo Kang Ho

Kang Ho graduated from the class of 1996. One of the fondest memories he had in school was the tasty food at the school canteen, especially those by the veteran vendors. This memory still lingers on and inspires Kang Ho’s culinary interests.

Kang Ho cooks occasionally to fine tune his cooking skills, as well to try out original recipes. His other interest is photography.

Kang Ho holds a degree in banking and finance and is currently working in a government statutory board. He attends church services regularly.

 Secretary – David Choong

Secretary – David Choong

David graduated from primary school in 1982.  The activity he remembers most is the scraping of candle wax off the school's hard black asphalt ground after the Good Friday procession at St Joseph’s Church. It looked like it was snowing the day before.

Overall, David enjoyed the education, social and religious experience at St. Anthony’s.

For many years till now, David has been volunteering at various social organisations.

David is self-employed and has been an entrepreneur for many years. His areas of business interest include training, business creation and management, and real estate management (including fire safety, building inspection, licensing and procedures, repairs and maintenance).

Treasurer – Benny Cho

Treasurer – Benny Choy

Benny graduated from the class of 1978 at St. Anthony’s Boys School. He is now the Chief Investment Officer and Executive Director of a publicly listed company.

In his spare time, Benny tries to spend quality time with his family while enjoying the occasional wine and cheese.

Outside of family and work, Benny supports efforts by the community to further the cause of education and training of people with special needs.

A former investment banker, Benny graduated from NUS with a degree in Accountancy and is a Chartered Accountant (Singapore).

Assistant Treasurer - Kenneth

Assistant Treasurer

Kenneth was from the graduating class of 1996 - the last cohort of an all-boys batch before the school relocated to Bukit Batok and became St. Anthony’s Primary School. He was actively involved in the Boy Scouts.

Kenneth is married with a daughter and is a founder of his own accounting & taxation firm.

Kenneth holds a BBACC (Accountancy) from RMIT and has been in the Accountancy industry since 2007.

Internal Auditor – Philip Aw

Internal Auditor – Philip Aw

Philip graduated from the St. Anthony’s Boys School class of 1978.

Philip is a Bachelor of Accountancy graduate from NTU in 1990 and has been an Auditor since graduation. 

Philip, a fellow practising member and a Chartered Accountant with the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants, is currently an Audit and Assurance Partner with BDO, LLP.

Member – Harry Tan

Member – Harry Tan

Harry was from the graduating class of 1978 at St. Anthony’s Boys School.

His fondest memories from the old school include playing One Leg Catching and wax skating when most of the school compound was layered with wax from the Good Friday services.  He is married with two daughters and one son.

Harry runs an audio visual company that does project deployment, plus service and maintenance.

Membership – Johaan Koong

Membership – Johaan Koong

Johaan graduated from the Class of 1977 at St. Anthony’s Boys School.

SABS had left behind wonderful memories for him. He recalled vividly the games everyone played during recess such as “One Leg Catch” and “Police and Thief”.

He also fondly remembers attending Friday masses even though he was not a Catholic himself, and he enjoyed the singing sessions with his classmates. His fondest memory is spending recess time in the tuckshop drink store helping Auntie Mary to sell drinks and curry puff.

Johaan is currently working in a multinational company as an engineering manager. He holds a BEng Hon (1st Class) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Glasgow.

Membership – Stephanie Goh

Membership – Stephanie Goh

Stephanie was from the graduating class of 1997 - the first cohort of co-ed students when the school relocated to Bukit Batok and became St. Anthony’s Primary School. She represented the school in badminton and was also actively involved in taekwondo.

She is joyfully married with a bubbly daughter and is passionate about supporting social enterprises.

Stephanie holds a BSc Business from the University of London and has been in the financial sales industry since 2011.

Member – Gerard M. C. Lim

Member – Gerard M. C. Lim

Gerard graduated from the St. Anthony’s Boys School class of 1978. His fondest memories of primary school life include the diversity of his classmates, hockey practices, and masses at St. Joseph’s Church.

He believes in equal education opportunities for all. And that every person counts.

Gerard works in the digital services industry. He holds a B.A. (Psychology and Political Science) from the National University of Singapore.

Member – Kenneth Joseph Ratnam

Member – Kenneth Joseph Ratnam

Joseph graduated from the class of 1980. He fondly remembers the six years at St. Anthony’s Boys School where he enjoyed his time with his peers and wonderful teachers.

He is grateful that the school gave him many opportunities to learn and build a strong character.

Joseph is a Senior Director for a  global cyber security company here in Asia Pacific.  He has spent well over twenty-five years in the telecommunications and cyber security industry.

Council Representative – Chia Boon Khiang

Council Representative – Chia Boon Khiang

Boon Khiang graduated from St. Anthony’s Boys’ School (Victoria Street) in 1980.

He cherish the Catholic values that the school taught and the friendships he made throughout the years.

Boon Khiang is a Senior Director and  Registered Social Worker with Singapore Children’s Society.

He holds a BA in Communications and studied Management & Leadership at Harvard Business School.

School Representative – Christopher Sagaram

School Representative – Christopher Sagaram

Christopher graduated from St. Anthony’s Primary School in 1996.

He cherishes the Catholic values that the school taught and the friendships he made throughout the years. He fondly remembers playing rounders and soccer in the courtyard.

He is currently a teacher at St. Anthony’s Primary School and holds a BSc in Education and Sports Science.

 Advisor – Abram Sunny Koh

Advisor – Abram Sunny Koh

Even though Sunny’s stay in SABS was for a short while during the 60’s, the school premises at Victoria Street and the big angsana tree are nostalgic to him.

Sunny graduated with a degree in business and, since then, have been running his own enterprise in energy related fields.

He is married with three children. Hus spouse was a former teacher from SABS in Victoria Street and SAPS in Bukit Batok.

Sunny’s is passionate about reaching out to seniors in society, and getting them involved in an active lifestyle that includes music and drama appreciation, and choir singing. His work touches both locals and foreigners.