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Health Promoting School Canteen

Implementing the 'Healthy Eating in School' Programme in our canteen
As part of our continual efforts to ensure that your children eat healthy food within the school compound, we are embarking on the 'Healthy Eating in School' programme this year.
As a result of this programme, HPB will work with our canteen vendors to draw up menus for healthy and balanced set meals. Input on the menus is given by their nutritionists and chefs, and care is taken to ensure that your child enjoys a well balanced and nutritious diet.  
Each meal comes with a good mix of food from the four different food groups of the Healthy Diet Pyramid – rice and alternatives; meat and alternatives; fruit; and vegetables. All portions adhere to HPB recommendations.  The prices of meals are $1 (small portion), $1.40 (medium portions) and $1.80 (large portions).
Every day, each canteen stall will prepare at least two set meals for the children to choose from. This means that Anthonians will have a daily choice of 10 meals from our existing 5 food stalls.  To add further variety, the menu will be changed daily.
Through our participation in this programme, we hope that our Anthonians will benefit from well-balanced meals.