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Parents Support Group

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St Anthony’s Primary School has an active and dedicated Parent Support Group (PSG) who shares the school’s mission and supports the school’s programmes and activities for students’ holistic development. 

PSG Mission

To render our services and provide support to the school’s programmes and activities through working together to promote collaborative partnerships among parents, teachers, and the community.

Objectives of PSG:

  •  To forge a strong partnership between the school and parents.
  •  To assist and support the school in its programmes and activities.
  •  To serve as a communication link between the school and parents.
  •  To encourage parents to be part of PSG and enrich them by organizing parenting talks, workshops and bonding activities.

PSG Executive and Working Committees

Chairperson :                          Mdm Alice Lim

Secretary :                                 Mdm Yammie Yam

Treasurer :                                 Mdm Geraldine Koon

Working Committee :       Mdm Chang Chiou Fong

                                                         Mdm Cheng Yuen Ling

                                                          Mdm Adeline Seng

For any enquiry, please email to sapspsg@gmail.com

Parents who are keen to be part of PSG can download the [PSG Registration Form (2019).pdf]* and submit to the school’s general office or email the completed form to the above email address.

PSG Events for 2019

Term 1

  • 1st and 2nd day of school
  • DLSL's CNY Craft
  • CNY's Booth Activity
  • P6 Lo Hei
  • CNY 'Get-together'
  • Catholic Education Programme
  • Makerspace

Term 2

  •  International Friendship Day
  •  Catholic Education Programme
  •  Earth Day
  • Coffee Talk
  • DLSL's Parents' Day Craft
  • Kindergarten Visit to SAPS
  • Dragon Boat Festival
  • Hari Raya Celebration
  • Parent-Child Bonding Activity

Term 3

  • Racial Harmony
  • Makerspace
  • Patron's Day Challenge
  • National Day Activity
  • P3 Muffin Project
  • DLSL's Teachers' Day Craft
  • Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Teachers' Day (Power House)
  • Teachers' Day Celebration

Term 4

  • Children's Day
  • DLSL's Children's Day Craft
  • Post PSLE Art Activity
  • P6 - 1/2 day Outdoor Orienteering Programme
  • P1 Orientation

Regular/ Reading Programme

  • KidsRead Programme
  • Tamil Reading Mum
  •  Malay Reading Mum
  • De LaSalle Lounge