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Tamil Language


To nurture Anthonians to be passionate learners of the Mother Tongue Language with an appreciation of their ethnic culture.


Anthonians are effective and confident users of their Mother Tongue Language, with a love for the learning of the language and culture.


Mdm Santha , SH ML/TL, santha_suppiah@moe.edu.sg

Mrs Elamaran TL Teacher, sumathi_kiresnasamy@moe.edu.sg

Mrs Ramesh TL Teacher, gowri_raman_jathu@moe.edu.sg


1.       Spoken Tamil

Speaking activities would be carried out regularly to encourage and promote the use of Spoken Tamil and boost the confidence to use the Language. The following are some activities:

P1/P2       Show and Tell

P3/P4       Speak on a topic

P5/P6       Share a pierce of NEWS

P4/ P5       Use of Imtl portal

  2.     Exposure to the Language / Culture/ MTL Fortnight activities

The cultural activities are run to create a deeper appreciation and understanding of the culture.

  • Learning Journeys  to the Zoo and Harvest Festival
  • Competitions
  • Cultural activities by level
  • Inter racial activity
  • Deepavali celebration 
  • Attending a cultural performance  

3.        Reading

The following activities would be organised for the Anthonians to inculcate the love for reading of Tamil language books

  • Silent reading - P1-P6
  • Reading Portfolio - P3-P4
  • Extensive Reading Programme - P4 and P5
  • Use of magazine and Manavar Murasu -  P4 -P6
  • MTL Fortnight / camp activities, Reading brought Alive (fun activity with parental involvement as well - P1 and P2
  • Book Fairs - All levels
  • Read with Family Programme - All levels

4.      Writing & Comprehension Programme:

·         Primary 4 Comprehension Package

  • Primary 5 Writing

5.      Use of ICT

ICT resources would be used to provide pupils with the opportunity to lean independently as well as to enjoy leaning the language

  • Use of edumall resources - Al levels
  • Pazhahutamil. Com = All levels
  • 10T - P1-P3
  • iMTL portal - P4-P5 

6.          Enrichment

Enrichment programmes are run to create a deeper appreciation and understanding of the language and culture

  • Speech and Drama P2
  • Network with external organisations and participate in the various competition and cultural programmes


Achievements 2012

Tamil Language Department

·         Hong Kah North CC Pongal Festival Celebration – Competitions for W4 Cluster

P1 & P2 Kolam Collage

·         L. L Srinithi    1-7                             Consolation

·         2. Kirtikaa      2-9                             Second

P3 & P4 CD Design

·         3. S. Krithic    3-1                            First

·         4. T. Harnika   4-2                 Consolation

·         P5 & P6

·         5. R Bharathi            5-2                  Consolation

·         6. S. Sonali                  5-2                  Consolation

·         7. Sharen Nath         6-3                  Consolation

·         8. S. Giridharan        6-3                  Consolation

Telok Blangah Community Club

·         Tamil Language Competitions

·         Singing Competition           -                       Joice Lourdes          1-6       Consolation

·         Reading Competition          -         Rithika Shanmugam   2-9    Consolation

·         Story Telling Competition   -           N Srivatsav             3-1         Consolation

·         Essay Writing Competition -          Akshaya  Prakash   4-1      Consolation

Tanglin Community Club

·         Tamil Singing Competition

·         P3 –1  Akshaya Ayyakannu          1st

·         P4-1   Akshaya  Prakash                2nd

·         P5-1  N. Gopikka                                  3rd

MAGO Tamil Story Telling Olympiad organized jointly by AKT Creations and Hong Kah North IAEC

·         Title Award Winner and Champion                      T Vijayavarshini       P5-1

·         Outstanding Story Teller Award                             N Gopikka                 P5-1

·         Outstanding Story Teller Award                             Akshaya Prakash    P4-1

Bharathiya Bharathidhasan Vizha 2012 Competitions

·         Akahaya Ayyakannu                                               P3-1                1st

·         Akahaya Prakash                                                    P4-1                3rd

·         T Vijayavarshini and N Gopikka                P5-1                1st

Christian Brothers’ Schools Story Telling competitions 2012

·         N Srivatsav                            3-1                                  2nd

·         Akshaya   Prakash               P4-1                            1st

·         The school also received the Challenge Trophy

Bukit Batok Community Club

·         2 – Minute Story Telling Competition

·          N. Srivatsav      3-1 First 

·         S.  Krithic                   3-1      Consolation

·         N. Gopikka                5-1      First

·         S.  Sonali                   5-2      Second 

Achievements 2013

Telok Blangah Community Club

Singing Competition           -VELAVARAJ BHAVAPRIYA  P1-7  Consolaiton

Christian Brothers’ Schools Story Telling competitions 2013 (Tamil Language )

Primary 3




Divyashree Krishnamurthy



Saadhana Ramesh



Nagarajan Srinithy



Primary 4

Maria Shanthan



Karthikeyan Bharathi




·         The school also received the Challenge Trophy for the 3rd time running. The trophy can now be kept by the school.

Hong Kah North IAEC Saving The Earth cum Pongal celebrations Competitions2013 – Results


P1 Kolam Collage    M Srithij         P1-8                (Consoaltion)

P3 CD Design                      K Divyashree P3-3              (Second)

P4 CD Design                      SrivatsavNL  P4-1                (Consoaltion)

P5 Poster Design     AkshayaPrakash P5-1                    ( Consolation)

P6 Poster Design     Gopikka NL   P6-1               (First)

Tanglin CC Singing Competition

BavapriyaP1-7  Consolation

Gopikka 6-1 Third

Akshaya 4-1 Consolation

SINDA Excellence Awards 2013

Haresh s/o Subramaniam

Achievements 2014


Christian Brothers’ Schools Mother Tongue Languages Story Telling competitions 2014


Primary 3 Tamil Language




L. Srinithi



Joice Lourdes



Primary 4 Tamil Language




Divyashree Krishnamurthy




Saadhana Ramesh



Nagarajan Srinithy






 Identifying Objects Competition

Srinithy Nagarajan of P4-1 received the first prize

Recycle Rangoli Competition 2014

The Hong Kah North Indian Activities Executive Committee organised a Recycle Rangoli competition in conjunction with Pongal celebrations.

We are pleased to announce that we clinched the first prize in both category A and Category B.

The prize recipients are

Category A:

M Samridhi – 1-8

VelavarajBhavapriya – 2-7

R K Rupesh – 3-1

Category B

RithikaShanumugam – 4-1

SrinivasanUdhaya – 5-1

N L Srivatsav – 5-1

Tamil Language Competitions at Raffles Girls’ School

SAPS participated in the above competitions held on 19th April.

We achieved the following results:

Drama Competition :           First Prize :    Maria Shanthan – 5-2

NL Srivatsav – 5-1

                                                            SolaimuthuKrithic–   5-1

                                                            AyyakannuAkshaya– 5-1

                                                            RithikaShanmugam -   4-3

Essay Writing :                     Second Prize            AkshayaPrakash – 6-1

Singing:                     Third Prize     Saadhana Ramesh – 4-1

We emerged champions and received the Challenge trophy at the Raffles Girls’ Tamil Language competitions.  Congratulations.

Tanglin CC - Singing Competition

SaadhanaRamesh– 4-1                 Consolation

SINDA Excellence Awards 2014

We are very proud to announce that four of our ex-Anthonians received the   SINDAExcellence Awards at this year’s SINDA Excellence Awards ceremony held on 6th September 2014. They are Gopikka NL, VijayavarshiniTholkappian, G Barath Kumar and N Ashwin Kumar. They were given this award for their outstanding academic performance at PSLE 2013.

AawaiyarVizha Competitions 

SAPS participated in the above competitions held on 20th July2014

We achieved the following results:

Story Telling Competition : Second Prize :          RithikhaShanmugam -   4-1

Tamil Fest - Competitions held on 2nd August 2014

The following are the results:

Drama : 1st Prize       NL Srivatsav


                                    Maria Shanthan

                                    Srinivasan Udhaya

                                    Kavin Kumar

Kural Recitation:      3rd Prize: RithikhaShanmugam

                                                Consolation: NagarajanSrinithy

Character Portrayal:  2nd Prize: Samrithi

                                                            Consolation: Velavaraj Bhavapriya

Achievement 2015

CBS Story Telling Competition 2015


1. VELAVARAJ BHAVAPRIYA        3-1          First

2. SANJAYE RAJAGOPALAN         3-1          Second

3. MAHESH SRITHIJ                          3-2          Consolation


1. Joice Lourdes                                                                4-2          Merit

2. RANGASAMY KUMARAMANI RUPESH              4-1          Consolation

3. RAJAMOHAN MUKUNTH                                        4-1          Consolation

Hong Kah North Community Club Pongal Celebrations 2015

 (1) Recycle Rangoli competition for P1 to P3 pupils

We received the 2nd prize

The winners are

Janani  Srinivasan1-1

MuthusaravanakumarSamridhi 2-8


(2)  Presentation cum Singing for pupils of P4 -P6.

We also received  2nd prize

Samriksha 4-2

Divyashree 5-3

Suganda 5-1

Madhulika 5-1


Rithikha 5-1

Udhaya 6-1

Brundha  6-3
Lauren 6-3

Harshini 6-6

Wafeeqa 6-1

Tamil reading competition organised by Telok Blangah CC

Madhusri, of P2-6 came in 3rd

Character portrayal competition organised by the Singapore Tamil Writers Association MuthusaravanakumarSamridhi  2-8

received the Consolation prize.

Sorpor - Tamil Debate

Semi Finalists

Soliamuthu Krithic 6-1

Maria Shanthan 6-2

Srinivasan Udhaya 6-1

NL Srivatsav 6-1

Tanushree d/o Pandian6-3

Aawaiyar Vizha

Oratorical – 2ndSuganda 5-1

Periyar Vizha


ICT Competition

2nd Prize

Srinivasan Udhaya  6-1

Alan Daniel  6-1

Jasdeen Mohamed 6-1

Consolation Prize


NL Srivatsav6-1

BrundhaPalanisamy  6-3

Dream Shop Competition  - 4th Prize

R K Rupesh  4-1

BalajiPrakash  4-3

Mohnish  4-2

SaravananPradeepa 4-4

P Reshmah 4-5

SriramHaritha 4-6

SINDA Excellence Awards 2015

We are very proud to announce that 2 of our ex-Anthonians received the   SINDA Excellence Awards at this year’s SINDA Excellence Awards ceremony held on 26th September 2015. They are Akshaya Prakash and Advay.  They were given this award for their outstanding academic performance at PSLE 2014.