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Chinese Language


To nurture Anthonians to be passionate learners of the Mother Tongue Language with an appreciation of their ethnic culture.


Anthonians are effective and confident users of their Mother Tongue Language, with a love for the learning of the language and culture.


Key Personnel & Email

MT HOD:  Mr Goh Aik Seng, Peter ( goh_aik_seng_peter@moe.edu.sg )

Level Head (CL): Mdm Lee Sok Hoon ( lee_sok_hoon@moe.edu.sg )

Senior Teacher (CL):  Mdm Sim Suat Lee ( sim_suat_lee@moe.edu.sg )

School Staff Developer: Mdm Lau Kai Yen ( lau_kai_yen@moe.edu.sg )

Chinese Language Teachers & Email

Mdm Huang Qiuqin ( huang_qiuqin@moe.edu.sg )

Mr Huang Zhengqiang ( huang_zhengqiang@moe.edu.sg )

Mr Koh Yen Chieh ( koh_yen_chieh@moe.edu.sg )

Mr Lee Zhen Hui ( lee_zhen_hui@moe.edu.sg )

Miss Ling Yi Chin ( ling_yi_chin@moe.edu.sg )

Mdm Liu Ying ( liu_ying_b@moe.edu.sg )

Mrs Michelle Yim ( au_lei_san_michelle@moe.edu.sg )

Mdm Ong Wen Shin ( ong_wen_shin@moe.edu.sg )

Mrs Ruth Lim ( ruth_lim@moe.edu.sg )

Mdm Song Wenzhe ( song_wenzhe@moe.edu.sg )

Mdm Teresa Heo ( Heo_mee_yoon_teresa@moe.edu.sg )

Mdm Wang Fang Fang ( wang_fangfang_a@moe.edu.sg )

Mdm Zhang Huili ( zhang_huili@moe.edu.sg )



Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme (文化任意门)

·         The objective of this activity is to enhance students' interest in Chinese Language and Culture through attendance at Chinese cultural performances at public performing arts venues

Reading Programme:

·         Primary 1 to Primary 6 Library Reading Programme

·         Primary 1 to Primary 6 Class Reading Books

Drama Programme:

·         Primary 2 Speech and Drama Programme

Festival Celebration

·         Chinese New Year (Concert & Recess Activities Booth)

·         Primary 6 Lo-Hei

·         Dragon Boat Festival (Recess Activities Booth)

·         Mid-Autumn Festival (Recess Activities Booth)

ICT programmes

·         Primary 1 to Primary 6 in-curriculum ICT infused lessons

·         iMTL Portal – Primary 1 to Primary 6

·         Use of web portals to enrich learning

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight Activities(母语双周)

·         Primary 1 to Primary 6 In-curriculum MTL Fortnight Activities

·         Primary 4 Cultural Camp

Useful Web Resources







口语互动平台 (iMTL portal)