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Our Vision

To help Anthonians be effective and confident speakers of English

In order to achieve our vision, we look into developing the four domains: 

Reading, Listening, Writing, and Vocabulary and Grammar 

English Department - Vision

Our Department Members

Member of Department


Mrs Lo Kaur Kheng

EL HOD, P5 & P6 EL

Mrs Angeline Wong

EL (ST), P2 EL

Mrs Rajkumar

P1 EL Rep

Mr Jonathan Chen

P2 EL Rep

Mrs Khoo Hwei Fang

P3 EL Rep

Mr Ghanim

P4 EL Rep

Ms Vanitha

P5 EL Rep

Mdm Mazidah

P6 EL Rep

Mdm Hameeda


Mrs Abdul Aziz


Mdm Faridah Bte Ismail


Mrs Toh Li Shan


Mrs Joanne Hoe


Ms Chua Sze Ling


Mr Duane Chan


Mdm Grace Stephen


Mr Kelvin Koh

P4 EL & P6 EL

Mrs Betsy Wong


Mrs Patsy Yap

P5 EL & P6 EL

Ms Lim Hoa Lin


Mdm Maisarah


Mdm Halima


Our Teaching and Learning Approach

We adopt an integrated teaching and learning approach based on the SAPS CREED framework and the MOE STELLAR (Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading) Approach.
Teaching & Learning Approach

SAPS CREED Framework

Using the STELLAR approach, we aim to strengthen children’s language and reading skills as well as to promote a positive attitude towards learning. Our teachers are empowered to teach our Anthonians listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English through effective and engaging strategies that are developmentally appropriate. 

STELLAR at Lower Primary

STELLAR at Lower Primary

The STELLAR (LP) involves strategies such as:

Shared Book Approach (SBA), 
Modified Language Experience Approach (MLEA), and
Learning Centres (LC).

Authentic experience prior to Class Writing

Authentic experience prior to Class Writing
Children engaging in Group Writing

Children engaging in Group Writing

STELLAR at Upper Primary

STELLAR at Upper Primary

The STELLAR (UP) involves strategies such as:

Know-Want to Know- Learnt (KWL),
Retelling (RT),
Language Activities and Sentence Manipulation, 
Writing Process Cycle (WPC), and
Differentiated Instruction (DI)

Using Cooperative Learning Strategies

Using Cooperative Learning Strategies

Frog Farm Visit

Frog Farm Visit
Active Learning in Class

Active Learning in Class

Our Library Programme

Our school has collaborated with the National Library Board in many of its reading programmes. Read, Swap, Share (for P1 to P3 Anthonians) is an annual programme which encourages reading and the sharing of thoughts and ideas about books among peers. From 2017, Primary 2 Anthonians have also embarked on a new reading experience called ‘My Reading Journal’. 
Apart from these collaborations, the school library also carries out termly thematic activities where prizes can be won. 
Blind Date with a Book - Pupils picking their book of choice.

Blind Date with a Book - Pupils picking their book of choice.

Our student librarians hosting the Annual KidsLit Quiz

Our student librarians hosting the Annual KidsLit Quiz

Read, Swap, Share - What fun to share a book!

Read, Swap, Share - What fun to share a book!

Our Reading Programmes
To support Anthonians in their different needs to master the language and literacy skills, we have the following programmes:

Learning Support Programme
The Learning Support Programme (LSP) is an early intervention programme that provides additional support for Anthonians in P1 and P2, who lack developmentally appropriate early literacy skills. These Anthonians are identified in a screening exercise conducted at the start of P1. They attend daily 30-minute LSP lessons, conducted by the school’s Learning Support Coordinator during curriculum time, in small groups of not more than 10.
English - Learning Support Programme

Reading Remediation Programme
The Reading Remediation Programme (RRP) is an additional literacy support programme implemented at P3 and P4 to support Anthonians with reading difficulties. The programme is carried out twice a week after school by English teachers. The objective of this programme is to help weaker readers close the reading gap and to read at their grade level so that they can cope with the learning in the mainstream class.

School-based Dyslexia Remediation Programme
The School-based Dyslexia Remediation (SDR) programme is a two-year intervention programme for P3 and P4 Anthonians. These Anthonians are identified for support through a systematic screening process for dyslexia conducted at the end of P2. The programme is conducted in small groups by trained school personnel using a remediation curriculum designed by MOE Reading Specialists. Anthonians in the programme attend after-school lessons four times a week to help build their reading, spelling and comprehension skills.

The kidsREAD programme, a collaborative effort by the school, our Parent Support Group and the National Library Board (NLB), aims to cultivate the love of reading and to promote good reading habits in P1 and P2 Anthonians who are from financially disadvantaged families. Each weekly one-hour session after school is led by a Parent Volunteer trained in basic storytelling.
Buddy Reading
Buddy Reading is a critical component of the Learning Support Programme (LSP) for the P1/P2 Anthonians identified for LSP. It is conducted for 30 minutes, three times a week, in the mornings before assembly. P3/P4 Anthonians, who are recommended by their teachers, are trained to be Buddy Readers. The Buddy Readers will assist the P1/P2 Anthonians in their reading using selected graded readers. Pupils will progress to the next level of the graded readers when they pass the Mastery Test designed for each level.

Little Red Dot (LRD)
To introduce the habit of reading newspapers, all upper primary Anthonians (P5 & P6) subscribe to the LRD (Little Red Dot), a Straits Times’ supplement for primary school pupils. Through LRD, Anthonians get to read and learn about current global and local events with elements of social emotional learning, values education and National Education. Its accompanying lesson activities are aligned with the MOE EL Syllabus and they are pegged to the learning of specific skills – such as reading, comprehension, composition, grammar and even critical thinking. This is incorporated into the English lessons weekly.

Our Speaking Programmes
English Language Speech Arts (E.L.S.A.)
In alignment with the ministry’s focus on oral communication, English Language Speech Arts (E.L.S.A.) is a school programme which aims to expose and cultivate Anthonians’ interest in speech arts. The programme provides Anthonians with opportunities to practise their oratorical skills while working on their social and emotional skills, and be acquainted with the National Education messages. 

For P1 to P4, activities such as Show-and-Tell, poetry recitation and Readers Theatre have been introduced to provide Anthonians with the opportunities to build up their speaking skills in an interesting way. 

For P5 and P6, students use the current affairs in the Little Red Dot (LRD) and discuss and debate the issues in class, further nurturing their oratorical skills. Through these undertakings, we aim to develop passionate learners and concerned citizens who are effective in communicating their thoughts.
Anthonians performing their poetry recitation in front of the class

Anthonians performing their poetry recitation in front of the class.
Readers Theatre performance

Readers Theatre performance

Talent Development Programme (TDP)
This programme focuses on enhancing oratorical skills among our upper primary Anthonians. Anthonians are identified based on their exam performance and in the P3 GEP assessment.  These Anthonians are invited to join the programme whereby they undergo training with a debate coach. They learn to carry out research to look for substantiated points of information, structure their arguments in a logical and coherent manner, and debate these points with their peers. Selected Anthonians will participate in inter-school competitions e.g. Raffles Institution’s Inter-Primary School Debate Tournament, Wits and Words, Plain English Speaking Awards (PESA) and the W2 Cluster Debate. 

Anthonian attending the Raffles Institution Debating 101 Programme

Anthonian attending the Raffles Institution Debating 101 Programme

Preparation time for a friendly debate spar with another school

Preparation time for a friendly debate spar with another school.

A friendly debate spar with Punggol Green Primary School

A friendly debate spar with Punggol Green Primary School.

English Club 
This weekly CCA is open to all Anthonians from P3 to 6. Anthonians participate in activities that help them to develop their speaking skills and build confidence.  These fun and engaging activities will help them to cultivate a love for the language. There are two main modules in this CCA: storytelling and drama. 
Anthonians undergo training sessions conducted by an instructor. All members are given the opportunity to showcase their skills. Selected members also participate in competitions such as the National Storytelling Competition or are tasked to be student emcees in school events.
Members engaging in fun storytelling activities.

Members engaging in fun storytelling activities.

Student emcees for Anthonian Recognition Day

Student emcees for Anthonian Recognition Day

Our Writing Programmes

Writers on the Web (WoW)
WOW aims to develop writing skills among our Anthonians. It provides upper primary Anthonians with the opportunity to write and share their compositions on a secured online platform. Through this approach, Anthonians also learn to give SAPS feedback to their peers. Compositions are first posted online to be read by their peers who then provide evaluative and constructive feedback in order for improvements to be made.

WoW Process
WoW Process

You were at the coffee shop having dinner when two men who were standing at the next table suddenly started arguing with each other loudly.
WoW - Submission 01

WoW - Submission 02

Our Partners in Education

Our main collaboration with National Library Board (NLB) in the various programmes:

Mass registration with NLB and Reading Interest Profile (RIP) 
‘Read, Swap and Share’ for P1 to P3 
Story-telling Programme for Lower Primary
Book Buzz for Upper Primary
Librarian’s Challenge for Student Librarians 
Parents’ Workshop 
‘Books 2 Go’ (NLB Mass Borrowing) for all levels
What a Wonderful Read 
Dare to Read