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Educational Technology

Our Vision

Technologically Empowered to Live and Learn

Our Mission

Cultivate a Safe Learning Environment where Anthonians are empowere to Embrace ICT in order to Enhance Learning, Encourage Collaboration and SUpport Self Directed Learning.

Department Members

Key Personnel

SH: Ms Tan Shu Tian

Curriculum Team

  • Mdm Huang Quiqin
  • Mrs Koh Pek Yeong
  • Ms Lim Hoa Lin
  • Ms Loo Ling Ling
  • Mdm Maryam Ismail
  • Ms Sarina Sahari
  • Mdm Siti Noraisha
  • Mdm Song Hwei Fang
  • Mdm Teresa Heo
  • Mdm Wang Fang Fang
  • Ms Shamimah Begum
  • Mrs Chan Pei Cheng Jasmine

Technical and Logistic Support Team
  • Mr Aldrin A. Esguerra
  • Mr Hariz Abu Bakar
  • Mr Khaleswaran Seathubady

Educational Technology - Programmes 01

Educational Technology - Programmes 02

Educational Technology - Programmes 03