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Character & Citizenship Education



Our Department Members

Member of Department


  Mrs Rosarita Teo

HOD / CCE    

Mrs Cherlyn Pang

 SH/Pupil Discipline & Leadership (P1-P3)

Mdm Liza Bte Ahmad

SH/Pupil Discipline & Leadership  (P4-P6)

Mrs Joanne Lim

SH/Learning Needs (SEN)

Mrs Karen Yip


Mrs Michelle Yim

VIA Programme Manager/CCE Coord

Mdm Mazidah

The Last, the Lost and the Least (LLL) Programme Manager

Mdm Asmidarwaty

Family Liaison Programme Manager )

Mdm Teresa Heo & Mrs Noelle Sim

Catholic Edn Programme Mgrs

Mr Koh Yen Chieh

NE Coordinator

Ms Shakthi Sivasubramaniam

School Counsellor/AED C

Mdm Nur Faizah

AED Learning Behaviour Support

Miss Emily Koh

AED Learning Behaviour Support

Mrs Noelle Sim

TRANSIT Classroom Teacher

 ECG Coordinator

Miss Thazin

TRANSIT Classroom Teacher

Mrs Raj Kumar

P3 SDR Instructor

Mrs Abdul Aziz

P4 SDR Instructor

Ms Lim Hoa Lin

Learning Support English

Our teaching and learning approach


NARRATIVE APPROACH – relate a story, use video, newspaper cuttings, scenarios, etc – clarify their feelings, reflect on how it can be applied to daily life. 

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING APPROACH - observe, reflect and apply in a real world situation; scenarios to help them internalise the values. 

CONSIDERATION APPROACH – different perspectives where students are put in the shoes of others

COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT APPROACH – moral reasoning to help students examine the motives behind the actions and arrive at a decision for the common good.

MODIFIED VALUES CLARIFICATION APPROACH – Clarify students beliefs and values, examine personal feelings, consider the impact of their actions on others to arrive at responsible decisions.

CCE Learning Outcomes (LO):

LO1: Develop self-awareness and self-management skills to achieve personal     well-being and effectiveness 

LO2: Apply moral reasoning, display responsibility in decision making, and demonstrate integrity to stand by moral principles and shared values

LO3: Develop social awareness and demonstrate interpersonal skills to build and maintain positive relationships.

LO4: Demonstrate resilience in the face of individual, community and national challenges, and develop the ability to turn challenges to opportunity  

LO5: Appreciate our national identity, develop a sense of belonging to Singapore, and demonstrate commitment to the well-being, security and defence of the nation.

LO6: Demonstrate socio-cultural sensitivity and promote social cohesion and harmony in Singapore as a multi-cultural society. 

LO7: Demonstrate care for and contribute actively towards improving the lives of others to build a bright future for ourselves and to progress together as one nation.

LO8: Demonstrate the ability to reflect on and respond to community, national and global issues as an informed and responsible citizen.

NB: All the CCE outcomes except for LO5 & LO6 are also outcomes of our VIA Programmes (Values in Action: Responsibility, Respect, Resilience and Care)

Our Facilities

Counselling Room

Learning & Behaviour Support Intervention Room 

TRANSIT Classrooms

Our Partners in Education

South West Community Development Council (SWCDC)

National Environment Agency (NEA)

Ministry of Social and Family (MSF) Development

SASCO (Senior Citizens Home)

HCA Hospice Care

Fei Yue Community Services

Family Central 

Our Programmes

Primary 3


Learning to Live Well Programme

This is a school-based values education programme which was first conceptualised in 2010 and introduced to the P3 and P4 levels. The programme was extended to all levels in 2012. All pupils undergo the Living Well programme, taught through weekly lessons, which focuses on helping pupils understand how to live a meaningful life. Through a range of activities, e.g. discussions, reflections, role-play, pupils explore the meaning of the Lasallian values, social & emotional skills, and their role as a member of communities. Guidance modules and relevant topics e.g. Assertiveness Prog for Managing Bully, Peer Relationships, Sexuality Education, Cyberwellness and Education and Career Guidance, are built in where relevant. It also covers the following:

1. FTGP (Form Teacher Guidance Period) and Termly Special Bonding Time (Building Bonds Within the Classroom)

2. Life skills and SEL (Social-Emotional Learning)

3. Values in Action (VIA) Programme - Connecting the Head, Heart and Hands – an opportunity for our Anthonians to observe, think and feel how they could be a blessing to the community and do the necessary to make the world around them a better place 

4. Singapore Kindness Programme & CCE Lessons – explicit teaching of R3ICH values education in MTL  

5. School-based Values-based Programmes i.e. faith-based programmes, Anger Management, NE Core Events, Learning Journeys, Anthonian Matters, CCAs, Camps, Anthonian Leadership Programme, Level SIP/PW, Assembly Talks/Monthly Library Activities on Values and EL/MTL using stories to develop character 

CARE Quest Award

Pupils who demonstrate behaviours which embody our Lasallian values of Faith, Service and Community and attain an ‘Excellent’ conduct grade, receive a CARE Quest Badge. Anthonians nominated by their peers and have attained a ‘Very Good’ conduct grade could also be awarded.  

‘I CAN coz I CARE!’ Values in Action (VIA) Programme

It aims to inculcate in pupils the Lasallian values of Faith, Service and Community through service to the home, school and the wider community.  The focus of VIA in St Anthony’s Primary is centred on helping the ‘the last, the lost and the least’ and activities in creating a sustainable environment.

Primary 1 : Home-School CARE (VIA) & Adoption of School Canteen

Primary 2 : Home-School CARE (VIA) & Adoption of School Compound

Primary 3 : Litter Free School Community, including Toilet CARE

Primary 4 : CARE Buddies of P1, Stop Food Wastage & ‘Harmony from the Heart@Sg’ Advocates 

Primary 5 : CARE Buddies of P2 & Enviro CARE: Litter Free Dream 

Primary 6 : CARE Buddies of P3, Elder CARE & Intergenerational Learning Programme (ILP)


Anthonian Matters!

Launched in 2010, the school suggestion scheme aims to provide pupils with opportunities to value add to the school community; to involve them in decision making processes and develop in them a sense of pride, belonging and ownership to school.

Anthonians make suggestions via the forms available in the classrooms or online platform.

CARE Champs, mainly the Anthonian Leaders, are appointed as caretakers of the Anthonian Matters.

The suggestions are collated termly and evaluated based on the school vision and values, and then shared with the staff and Anthonians for further action. 

Project Work (SIP 3.0 Project ACE) 

The purpose is to nurture in pupils the values on citizenship and interest in & skills to conduct inquiries. The key competence areas are the ability to apply knowledge, to communicate effectively, to collaborate with others, to problem solve and to learn independently.

The project leverages the National Education learning and heritage trails to provide meaningful contexts for pupils to extend and reflect on lessons learnt from key moments in Singapore’s history, and put their values into action as concerned citizens and active contributors.

Each level undertakes a project related to their respective theme, eg

Primary 1:   Peranakan Culture 

Primary 2:   National Identity Box 

Primary 3:   EE Project Trash to Treasure

Primary 4:   Singapore/School Heritage

Primary 5:   Innovation/Invention 

Primary 6:   Cultural Ambassador of UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Anthonian Leadership Programme

Leadership competencies are developed in Prefects, CCA Leaders and Class Committees through their participation in training programmes eg Camp LaSalle and the provision of opportunities to demonstrate acquired skills, eg organizing concerts and camps.

Grooming checks are conducted termly on pupils’ attire and grooming.  Parents may refer to the Anthonian Diary for a description of the school rules and guidelines for school attire and grooming.

Counselling Support

The counselling team comprising Miss Shakthi Sivasubramaniam and part-time counsellor Mr Jayachandran supports the emotional needs of Anthonians. Parents may refer their charges, through their form teachers, for counselling support.  Depending on the needs of the pupils, the school may work closely with community resources like family service centres and other government agencies for intervention and support.

Booster and Intervention Programmes

Through the annual Family and Pupil Profiling, pupils are identified and supported through booster programmes and group therapy sessions.  These workshops aim to help pupils develop their social emotional skills as well as qualities like motivation and self-esteem.

Family Matters @ School (FMS)

St. Anthony’s Primary is partnering MSF (Ministry of Social and Family Development) to promote Family Matters @ School. FMS represents a holistic family life learning model in

1. equipping parents with effective parenting skills and knowledge to enrich and strengthen their family life, and foster better parent-child understanding and relationship; and

2. equipping students with life skills; skills to build healthy relationships with their peers and family; positive values and attitudes towards family, relationships and life in general.

Parents who wish to find out more about the FMS and Evidenced-Based Positive Parenting Programme (Triple P) and Signpost in St Anthony’s Primary School, may email the coordinator, Mdm Fajaria, at fms.anthonian@gmail.com or Programme Manager, Mdm Asmidarwarty, at asmidarwaty_abu_bakar@moe.edu.sg