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Our Vision:

A school with a lively arts atmosphere where pupils appreciate the arts and aspire to use their talents in the service of God, country and family.

                         Our Department Members                            

Member of DepartmentAppointment
Mrs Chang Li PingHOD/ Subject Head
Miss Ho Hui Suan, JosephineMember
 Ms Thanzin SoeMember 
 Ms Baidah AhmadMember 
 Mdm MardianaMember 
 Mrs ElamaranMember 
 Mdm Noorfizah HashimMember 
 Mdm Lee Kai LingMember 
 Mrs Gowri RameshMember 
 Mrs Ho Poh TipMember 
 Ms Ling Yi ChinMember 
 Mdm Liu YingMember 
 Mdm Song WenzheMember 
 Mdm Zhang HuiliMember 
 Ms Nur Maisarah OthamanMember 
 Mrs Ruth LimMember 

Our teaching and learning approach

At SAPS, we understand deeply that the Anthonians’ artistic expressions and responses to art appreciation and art works experiences are obvious and their creations and innovations in art creations are fostered and valued. Their ability to explore with guidance and to experiment with art techniques is an essential aspect of art appreciation development. We also aim to provide various platforms for Anthonians share the joy of music experiences as they contribute to their development of creativity and self-esteem.

§ We also look into Integrating the various arts forms and arts with the different subject areas and inculcating school values through the structured and tailored arts programme.


§  Pupils learn, appreciate & participate in a range of arts forms: Art and Music

§  Pupils better understand what they are learning through the use of rubrics.

§  Pupils see the relationship between the arts and other subject areas.

§  Pupils use their arts talents to contribute to the community.

The Art Curriculum comprises of: 

• Research 

• Respond/ Create 

• Communication 

• Completion


• Explore the expressive possibilities of a variety of art forms including 2D art, 3D art, ceramics and digital art. 

• Appreciate art and respond to a wide range of art forms including various artists and art creation styles from different periods, cultures and countries. 

• Develop appreciation towards art through making physical, verbal, emotional or cognitive responses. 

• Demonstrate the learning of the art creation styles inspired by the artists’ works and describe differences between art pieces, showing a sense of Shape, Form, Colour, Lines, Texture (Elements of Art) and style.

• Acquire the art creation skills and enhances art appreciation that enrich art works understanding which are necessary for creative expression 

• Appreciate art expressively with art vocabulary and art works. 

• Develop confidence and independence through taking the initiative, making decisions and accepting responsibility for learning, individually or as a group in art creation activities. 

• Share with others about personal/group creative art making process, art appreciation and own creations. 

• Create artists inspired art works using ICT.

The Art Syllabus

2018 Primary Art Syllabus Brochure

The Music Curriculum comprises of:



Production (Creation)

SAPS Music Curriculum

Learn it!

In SAPS Music, we believe Anthonians should go through a music curriculum which allows them to learn the fundamentals before they get to enjoy music. 

Play it!

With the fundamentals right, Anthonians can play music through creative music making process.

Love it!

With the knowledge in place and seeking fun in the process, Anthonians will be able to love and appreciate music with an increasing sensitivity.


Explore the expressive possibilities of a variety of sound sources including the voice, home-made or musical instruments

Listen to, enjoy and respond to a wide range of music including various genres and styles from different countries, ethnic groups and cultures 

Develop sensitivity to music through making physical, verbal, emotional or cognitive responses

Demonstrate and describe differences between sounds and silences, showing a sense of pulse, tempo, duration, pitch, dynamics, structure, timbre, texture and style

Perform vocally and instrumentally, from a range of musical styles and traditions relevant to the grade levels

Acquire the musical skills that enrich musical understanding and are necessary for creative expression

Imitate with accuracy the rhythmic and melodic patterns using the voice and gestures (hand signs)

Perform expressively musical phrases and pieces using percussion or melodic instruments from memory or notation where appropriate

Develop confidence and independence through taking the initiative, making decisions and accepting responsibility for learning, individually or as a group in music creation activities

Share with others about personal/group creative music making process and the appropriateness and effectiveness of personal/group composed music

Record music compositions using ICT

Our Facilities

To support the teaching and learning of Aesthetics (Art, Music and Dance), we have: 

- 2 Art Rooms 

- 1 Art Gallery

- 2 Music Rooms 

- 1 Dance Studio                                                                                                                                                                                      

Aesthetics - School Facilities

Our Partners in Education
In St Anthony’s Primary School (SAPS), we believe that learning in the classroom is best supported by partnerships with professional organizations and community outreach. 

Arts Reach Programmes and Intergenerational Learning Programme (ILP)
The current Arts Reach programme reaches out to various communities: teaching art skills to the elderly at Hong Kah Day Care Centre and St Luke’s Elderly Care Centre, giving them art works made by pupils. Since 2014, the school added to its Arts Reach programme by collaborating with Fei Yue organization to conduct Ceramics Classes for the elderly (Intergenerational Learning Programme-ILP), with pupils as peer teachers for the elderly. This reinforces the idea that there is no age limit to learning. 

Singapore Art Museum 
Since 2013, SAPS has embarked on a collaboration with Singapore Art Museum (SAM) and aligned our art curriculum to the works in SAM. This collaboration facilitates the development of art appreciation, museum etiquette and facilitates inquiry-based learning. Pupils were able to view authentic museum artworks and apply art appreciation skills developing 21CC such as Critical & Inventive Thinking. Primary 4 students’ artworks are also displayed in the Think Contemporary Exhibition (SAM) in October. 

National Arts Council (NAC) – Teaching through the Arts Programme
We have also incorporated the visual arts into the teaching and learning of Social Studies since 2015. Supported by the National Arts Council and a visual artist, this programme aims to stimulate pupils’ interest in the learning of Social Studies at Primary 5 through the integration of the visual arts, in particular Chinese landscape painting. As a result of the Teaching Through the Arts Programme (TTAP) then, pupils better understood the topic of Ancient China, e.g. the way the ancient Chinese communicated. Through the infusion of the arts too, the pupils also better appreciated the artistic legacies of the Ancient Chinese civilization. Currently, two Primary 5 classes have embarked on this programme. 

Hong Kah North Community Centre and PassionArts Singapore 
Since 2016, St. Anthony’s Primary School has been collaborating with Hong Kah North Community Centre and PassionArts Singapore. In July 2016, SAPS Performing Arts Groups (Band, Choir, Contemporary Dance, Chinese Dance) and our Visual Arts Groups have showcased their art works and performances at PassionArts Festival in Hong Kah North CC. This event has provided the SAPS Arts groups an opportunity to showcase the Arts Teams' art works and performances to the public. The year 2016 marks the start of this joint event where our school together with PassionArts Singapore and Hong Kah North CC jointly organised this Arts Festival. 

Aesthetics - Programmes

Our Programmes

Primary 3


In our design of the art and music curriculum, we want to bring greater awareness and appreciation of their unique local cultural environment to a myriad of art forms from the global environment as well. Active participation in arts appreciation is fundamental to the acquisition of artists, musicians and art forms knowledge, understanding and skill. Both the art and music curriculum emphasizes active responses, music and art-making at all levels.

Infusion of Appreciation & Thinking Skills into the Art Programme

Primary 1 – Getting to Know Art (Artists: Paul Klee, Kandinsky and Alexander Calder)

Primary 2 – Exploring Art (Artists: Henry Moore, John Coburn and Keith Haring)

Primary 3 – Get Inspired by Picasso/ Get Inspired by the Occupations (Artists: Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh)

Primary 4 – Museum Studies in Singapore Art Museum/ Get Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh (Artist: Vincent Van Gogh)

Primary 5 – Get Inspired by Dali (Artists: Salvador Dali and Vladimir Kush)

Primary 6 – Get Inspired by our local artists (Artists: Han Sai Por, Liu Kang and Georgette Chen) 

Infusion of Appreciation into the Music Programme

Primary 1: Local Children’s folk songs with introduction of percussion instruments

Primary 2: Local Children’s folk songs with introduction of tuned percussions

Primary 3: World Children’s folk songs with introduction of keyboarding  

Primary 4: World Children’s folk songs with introduction of ukulele

Primary 5: Experiential Learning with introduction of music IT (Using IPads)

Primary 6: Experiential Learning with introduction of Drumming 

Assembly Programmes

Term 1: Aesop Fables skit: Start the school right for our Anthonians 

Term 2: Percussion Instruments

Term 3: Singing of National Day Songs

Term 4: Percussion Instruments 

AMIS Programmes for Music

AMIS instructors come into the music lessons to enrich our Anthonians with keyboarding, Music IT and African Drumming experience. The AMIS instructors co-teach with the music teachers to strengthen our Anthonians’ musicianship so that every one of them is able to develop the interest of music holistically.

NUTURING TALENTS: Art Enrichment Programmes

Art Elective Programme

Piloted for P2 in 2008, it is meant to identify Anthonians who are talented in visual arts.  They are given special support in school by means of special activities and specialised training. Currently, there are AEP programmes forl Primary 2, 3, 4 and 5. The aims of the programme are to provide professional training for identified pupils to acquire and strengthen their artistic skills through exploring art elements & to harness the creativity in each pupil so as to develop him/her holistically. 

ArtsReach Programme (VIA through Arts)

ArtsReach is an outreach to the community through the Arts.  In line with the school values, Faith, Service and Community, this programme aims to lead pupils to greater awareness of using a skill they have learnt in Art to reach out to the community.