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School Rules

SAPS rules are based on Lasallian and Anthonian values.


Lasallians believe in God, in others and in ourselves.


School Rules

Anthonians have integrity.

Cheating: Anthonians do not copy or refer to unauthorised materials.

They do not amend test scores without permission.

Theft/Extortion: Anthonians do not take things belonging to others.

Truancy: Anthonians must have valid reasons or parental permission to be absent from school. They will submit their medical certificates/parents’ letter when they next meet their form teacher. 
(Note: the school will not accept more than 5 parent excuse letters per semester)

Anthonians stay in school during school hours.

Anthonians are honourable and are responsible for their actions.

Forgery: Anthonians use only their personal user identities and passwords.  

They do not forge the signatures of others.

Gangsterism:  Anthonians do not join gangs and/or behave like gangsters.

Gambling:  Anthonians do not gamble.


Lasallians work with others to achieve our vision to be caring, passionate and joyful learners in serving God, family and nation.


School Rules

Anthonians respect Singapore and are grateful for the many blessings they have as Singaporeans.

Anthonians who are Singapore Citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the pledge. They will take the pledge with the right fist placed over their heart

Anthonians respect other’s time.

Punctuality: Anthonians are present in the assembly area for morning assembly at 7:30 am. This means that they should be assembled in the hall or classroom before 7:30 am.

Anthonians respect the occasion.

Attire (Uniform): All Anthonians are to wear the prescribed school uniform. Any form of modification to the uniform is not allowed.

Please refer to the photographs at the end of this section to see how uniforms are to be worn. 

  • Name tag is sewn above the shirt pocket/ school crest (PE)

  • Skorts reach the middle of the kneecap

Attire (Tie): Anthonians wear the school tie every day for the duration of the morning assembly except on days when they have PE lessons.

Attire (Shoes and socks): Anthonians wear white canvas shoes and plain white socks. Socks must cover the ankles and must be fully visible above the shoes.

*Alternative footwear due to medical conditions will be considered on a case-by-case basis and a letter of explanation must be submitted to school via the form teacher.

Grooming: Anthonians will keep their hair in its natural colour.


  • The fringe should be cut, clipped or tied up so that eyes are not covered.

  • Hair is kept short above the back of the collar. Long hair is neatly plaited/ tied using plain black hair accessories.


  • Hair is kept short without touching the ears, eyebrows and shirt collar.

  • No fancy hairstyles (eg. undercut, high fade with long fringe and/or hard parting, etc) are allowed.

  • Boys are not allowed to keep facial hair and are required to be clean-shaven.

Attire (Accessories): Girls may wear only one small gold/ silver/ transparent ear stud/loop in each ear lobe.

Quiet Zones: Anthonians maintain silence in the quiet zones (i.e. corridors and staircase landings).   

Quiet Time: Anthonians maintain silence during Quiet Time in the hall.   

Anthonians respect one another.

Behaviour in School: Anthonians treat one another with respect and compassion.

  • Greet/thank the teacher/staff/visitor.

  • Ask for permission to enter/leave the room.

  • Queue to buy food/drink, consume food/drink only in the canteen and return all cutlery and crockery.

Mobile Phones and Smart Watches: Anthonians use their mobile phones and smart watches only for making necessary calls or sending messages before or after curriculum hours and with the teacher’s permission.

Anthonians do not use their handphones and smart watches in the classroom during lessons and do not use their handphones and smart watches to take photographs/videos of others without permission. Anthonians also do not post photographs/videos of others in school or in school uniform and post them on social media or send them through any form of electronic communication without permission. Anthonians do not use their handphones and smart watches to play games, listen to music or use apps without their teachers’ permission.

Open Defiance: Anthonians do not wilfully disobey a person of authority.

All students are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item/sharp objects which can be used or are intended to be used to cause harm to others (e.g. knives, laser pointers, etc.)

Possession of cigarettes/e-cigarettes & their accessories/tobacco products and smoking: Anthonians are prohibited from bringing any cigarettes/e-cigarettes & their accessories/tobacco products to school and from smoking. Anthonians are prohibited from bringing lighters, matches and any other dangerous items to school.

Possession of pornographic/inappropriate materials or dangerous items: Anthonians do not bring pornographic and inappropriate materials, or dangerous items to school.

Inappropriate touch and indecent exposure: Anthonians refrain from inappropriate touch and indecent acts.

Anthonians respect the school.

Behaviour in Public: Anthonians are well-behaved in public e.g. buses, trains, shopping malls and void decks. They do not behave in a manner which brings the school into disrepute.

Behaviour on Public Transport: Anthonians observe all road/school bus safety guidelines when coming to/leaving school. Anthonians do not consume food and/or drinks when they are on public transport.

Littering: Anthonians dispose of litter in appropriate places.

School Property: Anthonians handle all things that do not belong to them with care.

Vandalism: Anthonians do not deface or vandalise school or public property (e.g. tables, walls, benches, fire alarms, etc)

Assault/Fighting: Anthonians do not use physical violence.

Bullying: Anthonians do not engage in bullying (verbal, physical, emotional) or cyberbullying and report all bullying cases.

Note: Major rules are in bold.


Based on documentation and/or evidence from teachers and statements by pupils, the Case Management Team will decide on a plan of action to address any infraction of the school rules. These actions may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Informing parents

  • Meeting with parents

  • Counselling

  • Daily monitoring of Anthonian’s activities by the school and parents.

  • Awarding a ‘Fair’ or ‘Poor’ conduct grade 

  • Restorative Service(s)

  • Suspension 

  • Caning

Appropriate Attire and Grooming

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 School Uniform
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 PE Attire