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President's Message

To my fellow Anthonian alumni and present students,

We started our journey as an alumni group in 2010. By 2012, we had our first general meeting; then things went quiet for a while. But now, I am glad to share with you that the Anthonian Alumni has been officially formed. With the commitment of a core group of alumni, we registered with the Registry of Societies on 1st April 2016.

The current pro tem committee had spent more than a year brainstorming and getting our act and Alumni constitution together. Moving forward, it is our responsibility to build on the early support of members who have contributed in fees and goodwill. Today, we hope that more Anthonians will join us in making our Alumni a successful reality, and for St. Anthony’s to be a home where we can meet old friends and make new ones.  By coming together, we can also give back to our Alma Mater in more varied ways.

During our pro tem year, we have started a gathering and networking programme at our old Victoria Street school ground. To date, we have conducted two sessions, including the latest one on 1st April 2016. This event was a resounding success, with over 70 members coming together, including an alumnus who was more than 70 years old! With your support, we will continue to hold this networking event on an annual basis, with the date being the Friday after Easter Sunday. Please keep this date in mind, and help to make our annual Anthonian gathering a continuously successful one.

For the younger alumni, we have not forgotten about you. We will be having an event in November 2016 at St. Anthony’s Primary School. The programme is in the planning stage, and I am sure my team will inform everyone with more details when the event is near.

Being an alumnus is not what the Alumni can do for you. We want to draw collective strength in terms of time and finances to meet our objective of giving back to the school. On the financial part, as our Anthonian Alumni is very young, we welcome any alumni who are able to give generously in order for us to kick-start our good causes. As for time, we invite one and all to help make a difference with our activities for the school’s boys and girls. Presently, we are working with the school to have some sort of games day every Saturday so that we can spend some quality time with the students through sports. We may start with soccer, badminton or table tennis. We need volunteers for this project and I hope that you can offer your time.

Last but not least, the pro tem committee will try our best to facilitate and organise more events where we can come together and celebrate our common bond as students, past and present, of our Alma Mater.

 Crescit Eundo,


Anthony Chan

President, Anthonian Alumni