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Our pack is known as SAPS 1st Pack. The Brownies are divided into five groups (Fairy, Elf, Gnome, Sprite & Pixie) with a Sixer and a Second to look after each group. Our members are from Primary One to Primary Six. During our meetings, the Tweenies and Brownies play games, sing songs, learn craftwork and do test-work like housekeeping. We also  help out in school events like Sports Day.


- To enable girls to develop their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world


- Games, Craft work, Proficiency tests

- Community Involvement Projects


Music Room 2

Day(s) & Time of Practice:

Fridays: 2.15p.m. to 4.15p.m.


Ms Nur Rezeki (i/c)                                                                                   

Ms Chua Enhui (2i/c)                                                            

Mdm Maisarah

Ms Shamimah Begum