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Pupils with the aptitude and interests in co-curricular areas with opportunities develop their interests to higher levels within a values-rich context.

CCA Policy

1. All pupils from Primary 1 to 6 are encouraged to participate in one CCA. 
2. Pupils can take up a second CCA only if:
(i)     They have good attendance records (at least 80%) in their first  CCA.
(ii)    Parental permission has been granted.
(iii)   There is a vacancy in the CCA. 
(iv)   The two CCAs practices are not conducted concurrently or have events that are concurrent.
(v)    It does not affect their studies negatively.

3. Each pupil is required to select up to 5 CCAs according to his/her preference from the list of CCAs offered by the school. He/She will be offered only ONE CCA.

4. Due to the limited availability of the places for each CCA, pupils who have chosen a CCA may need to undergo auditions, interviews or skills tests.

5. All pupils who are not in the acceptable BMI-for-age status (i.e. 90th percentile and above) are strongly encouraged to be members of a sports CCA.

6. All members must attend their training sessions regularly. A minimum of 80% attendance per term is required. Your child will not be penalized if he/she is on Medical Leave or absent with valid reasons. A letter of excuse or medical certificate must be produced to account for absence from CCA. Membership and attendance will only be reflected in the Results Slip if your child attends at least 80% of the total number of sessions.  

7. For your child’s safety, proper attire is expected of members attending their CCA sessions.

8. All requests for a new CCA application or a change of CCA can only be made during the application windows in May and November via McOnline. The PSE Department will evaluate each request on a case-by-case basis. Pupils should not change or terminate their participation in their CCA without going through this process. 

9. All Primary 4 to Primary 6 CCA members who distinguish  themselves in their performance, achievements and/or have shown leadership are eligible to be nominated for the Edusave Awards for Achievement, Good Leadership & Service (EAGLES) Award. 


All pupils from Primary 3 to 6 are strongly encouraged to participate in one of the 16 CCAs provided:

Performing Arts

Brass Band

Chinese Dance


Contemporary Dance

Clubs & Society

English Club

Infocomm Club (Media & Robotics)

Science & Environmental Education

St. Vincent De Paul

Visual Arts

Sports & Games


Sports Club



Track & Field

Uniformed Groups



Where possible, all pupils will be allocated to CCAs that they show interest in and aptitude for. Pupils may have to take part in selection exercises for certain CCAs. The school will have final say regarding the allocation of CCAs.

Commitment is expected of all Anthonians. All members must attend their training sessions regularly. A minimum of 80% attendance per term is required.